A test series with mentorship

Ethics Test Series

A comprehensive package of 7 TESTS and LAWS (Live Answer Writing Sessions) are designed to test the SKILLS and enhance capabilities required to perform in MAINS GS IV Paper.

Fee : Rs 7,000/-

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The broad parameters for the evaluation of answer sheets—

  • Understanding the context of the question
  • Importance and application in present times/life/governance
  • Values and competencies to be highlighted in answer
  • Explaining with examples: contemporary/historical/mythological
  • Interlinkages among topics
  • Conclusion with some Vision for society/individual/governance

Amongst all GS papers, GS IV is the most scoring yet most intriguing given the fact score range is maximum in this paper. It is also paper which is taken most casually, yet it gives a decent score. Fact is clear that if Course and Tests are given in a structured way as it happens in other papers, it has the potentiality to change the game altogether.It is in this regard we have designed our Test Series Module to give one—stop solution to all needs. We have synthesized theory, case studies and contemporary issues in the most structured and systematic manner in our tests.

course details

  • Total 7 [4 unit wise and 3 composite tests] , 250 marks each [Strictly on UPSC pattern]
  • One to one discussion with Mitra Sir
  • Creative brain storming sessions
  • LAWS