GS 'AAdhar'

This is our GS Foundation batch which is a personalised guidance prog for the General Studies covering prelims , mains and also interview.

We also offer flexi module of different subject components of GS , such as :• Ethics GS IV• Current Affairs• Geography, etc

Details of the Course

Duration of the course: 40 Weeks
Class frequency: 6-7 days/week
Class duration: 2-3 hours

Fee : ₨1,25,000/-

limited seats


The GS course at Mitra’s IAS follows a pedagogy developed by combining a number of traditional and original innovative elements that evolved from experimenting with various techniques over more than 10 years. The course covers every element of GS preparation from building sound concepts, memorizing important data to developing analytical thinking. Here, we have tried to give an overview of our unique methodology consisting of seven pillars that we have designed for a holistic preparation, leaving no area neglected.

1. Analytic Coverage of syllabus
2. Innovative Study Material
3. Online Portal
4. 'Next Level'   Prelims Test Series
5. One to One Mentoring & Doubt Clearing Sessions
6. Multilayered Answer Writing Skill Development
7. Batch Repetition Facility

1st Pillar: Analytical Coverage of Full Syllabus to Ensure Conceptual Clarity

Our classes are conducted by a team of experienced permanent faculty led by Mitra Sir and comprises of rank holders and high scorers in the IAS exam. Their sole focus is on clarifying the concepts and develop analytical thinking in students. The class content is supplemented by a host of tools to make your learning simplified yet effective.
In traditional set up of IAS coaching, good institutes cover the concepts but owing to the paucity of time leave out many small details and expect students to cover them on their own.
However, we employ a different 2-pronged approach wherein the classroom lectures are supplemented by handouts containing concise notes and mind maps (2nd pillar) and these are further supplemented by a one of a kind online portal (3rd pillar) which comprises of various exercises and simplified notes. Together, the classroom coverage and these supporting learning aids complete every nook and corner of your preparation, leaving almost nothing to be covered beyond these sources.

2nd Pillar: Innovative (and only useful) Study Material

Our study material is one of the most important cornerstones of our pedagogy. We don’t believe in the copy-pasted run of the mill stuff to masquerade as our study material. Accordingly, we have devised our study material to complement our classroom teaching and provide only concise and relevant study material:

  • We provide concise and crisp handouts for static syllabus topics. Wherever appropriate, we have included mind maps and other tools to make these notes effective for preparation.
  • For Current Affairs, the following types of material are provided:
      Class Handouts
      Indian Express ‘Explained’ Summary Mind Maps
      Infographics on Govt Schemes
      Current Affairs is also covered in our LAWS component (5th Pillar)
  • To manage effective and quick revisions for Laxmikant,  printed summary mind maps are provided
  • Various infographics are also provided for Ethics
  • Further materials are included in our online portal (3rd Pillar)

3rd Pillar: Online Portal

Our online portal is an extension of the 1st and 2nd pillars mentioned above and completes everything you need in terms of knowledge to prepare for IAS exams. Inter alia, the various features of the online platform are as follows:

  • Guided Revisions for PT: These are sets of ‘diagnostic’ exercises, wherein you are asked a series of questions for every topic (the questions change each time you attempt an exercise) after which our software analyses the areas you need to revise and accordingly present you with a reading that you need to go through to plug in loopholes in your preparation.
  • Interactive e-Book for Ethics: An extremely well written interactive e-book along with infographics written by Mitra sir will be available on an online portal for you to master various dimensions of this topic.
  • Flash Cards: These are a set of online flashcards to memorize important data on various topics.
  • Summary Infographics with explanatory notes: For mains topics, a series of summary infographics accompanied by explanatory notes are available on the platform.
  • IE explained and govt schemes infographics (as explained in 2nd Pillar) are also available on an online platform for easier access.
  • PT Test Series (as explained in 4th Pillar below) is also available on the online portal.

4th Pillar: An Innovative PT Test Series

After the removal of optional and then, CSAT paper turning to qualify, the uncertainty of clearing PT has risen dramatically even for the most well-prepared aspirant. In this scenario, we have tried to make a full-proof strategy for our students to clear this hurdle without much ado.
Accordingly, the combination of our classes, study material, and online portal discussed above have various elements catering to give you that edge over PT.
However, a good PT preparation is never complete without a good test series. Accordingly, to supplement our first 3 pillars, we have come up with a completely revamped and next-level test series for PT with several features:

  • There are more than 50+ tests covering every nook and corner of the syllabus to help you test and revise the complete syllabus.
  • The tests are divided into micro syllabus tests first and then into full-length Most Expected (ME) Questions Tests. These MEs are designed considering the current trends of UPSC and as high as 30 questions based on the coverage in our MEs have appeared in recent PT exams conducted by UPSC!
  • The solutions are framed in various formats like mind maps, strategic analysis, flashcards, etc. that aid your understanding and revision better while going through the solutions of the test. For a better glimpse into these features, please go to the following link:

5th Pillar: One to One Mentoring and Doubt Sessions

We have seen students sitting in classes of strength in hundreds, getting no personal attention from the teachers. IAS being perhaps the toughest exam in the country requires constant personal mentoring. Accordingly, we have ensured mentoring to be one of the cornerstones of our coaching.
Besides the mentoring one receives as highlighted in the 6th pillar below, we ensure that students can access teachers personally via an appointment slot to clear all their doubts. We don’t just stop there and go all the way to assign a personal mentor to every student of ours to discuss any aspect of their preparation.
This 3-pronged mentoring ensures that every student gets personal attention and clears all doubts related to their subjects as well as overall preparation.

6th Pillar: Exhaustive Multi-Layered Answer Writing Skill Development Strategy

Answer writing is easily one of the top three elements to ensure success in the IAS exam. Accordingly, we have devised an exhaustive multi-layered strategy to develop your writing skills.
1) The first element of this strategy is explained in the diagram 'building fundamentals':

2) The second element is the ‘Live Answer Writing Sessions’ (or LAWS in short). This approach was developed over a long period of experimentation by Mitra sir. It was first experimented with a select group of students and many of those students went on to secure selections in IAS final list, the most notable being Sanskriti Jain (AIR-11) and Athar Amir (AIR-2). We have now incorporated this accelerated answer writing skill development workshop to our GS batches too. The following image explains the process of LAWS:

3) Finally, the icing on the cake of our multi-layer answer writing skill development strategy is our GS Mentorship Program. This is one of a kind mentorship-cum-test series programme and includes:

  • Answer writing approach and structure for every answer will be provided and the best copies of students will be shared for every test so that students can judge their standing in the tests.
  • Discussions for all tests will be held at Mitra’s IAS by expert faculty.
  • All copies will be checked by Mentors themselves and one-to-one personal feedback will be provided by the Mentors after the evaluation of the copies.
  • Questions would be designed to judge the candidates’ conceptual clarity and interdisciplinary approach more than the factual knowledge as per the contemporary trend of UPSC.
  • The students are advised to use the feedback and effective strategy (which is personalized and varies from student to student) in their subsequent tests for improvement.

7th Pillar: Handholding till Selection;
Batch repetition facility

Last but not the least, we don’t leave our students in the lurch if they falter at any stage of the examination. Students can attend the classes as many times as they like in further batches and have access to their personal mentors until their final selection without any additional charges.
Even the test series is made available to them at heavily discounted prices. However, the other aspects of the online portal are made available completely free of cost till selection.

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