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The Test series has been revamped for PT on October 10th with scheduled rearranged and tests added to account for current affairs of June, Jule and August as well.

Various Features

Prelims is the first hurdle and over the years it has become the biggest & also dicey hurdle. There is no substitute for hard work to crack any exam. But when it comes to IAS prelims then something more is required. Hard work needs to be supplemented by smart work and well laid down strategic planning which broadly involves threadbare analysing previous years’ question papers, syllabus, trend & pattern of questions.

In this regard, we have developed a unique pedagogy for PT Tests. We have uniquely synthesised innovations, smart work, latest trends & pattern of IAS prelims exam. We have gone several steps further in making our test series very effective. We have full conviction that if you follow this test series and its solution part then surely you will be able to cross prelims hurdle and could write IAS main exam. It will definitely be a gateway to IAS mains.

We have built the formats of our Q & A keeping the following points in mind :

•Questions are framed to reflect the latest pattern of UPSC so that you get a real feel of the actual exam in every test.

•Answers/Solutions to questions is where we stand out. These consist of mind maps, infographics, strategic analysis, video analysis, flashcards, etc to help you not just know the right answers but go through an effective review process to solidify your overall preparation.

To judge the quality of the tests, you may take the a small sample test for free just by clicking the button above. All you need to have the access is to sign up free on this site.

IAS Prelims Test Series 2021: Why Mitra's IAS?

Features Mitra's IAS Others
Coverage of NCERTS ,standard books ,
current affairs , India Year Book ,
Economic Survey , Budget
yes yes
Online and Offline
yes most
Flexi schedule
yes some
Detailed solution in notes format
yes yes
Video based strategic analysis
yes no
Mind map based solutions
yes no
De-decoding previous year patterns
yes no
Techniques to guess correct answers
yes few
Flash cards for better revision
yes no
Interactive exercise for effective revision
yes no
Question Bank for continuous consolidation yes no

various packages

choose according to your requirement

Current Affairs Tests

15 Tests 

Each test covers current affairs month wise from June 2020 to Aug 2021.

Covers all important news in form of mind maps and revision notes


Sectional Tests

10 Tests 

Each test covers a specific static area of the syllabus with a focussed approach

Also covers India Year Book 2021, Budget 2021-22 and Economic Survey


Most Expected (ME)

11 Tests 

Full length mocks with an exclusive focus on areas that are most expected in upcoming PT, based on analysis of past papers and trends. Includes both static and current affairs.


CSAT Tests

5 Tests 

Made completely on latest trend of the UPSC, these 5 tests will ensure that qualifying CSAT paper is not a hurdle for you. Covers all areas with crystal clear solutions.


discounted combo packs

You may also choose from the following discounted combinations of the packages above


In this free course, our faculty Nimish Kapur (CAPF, AIR-6) analyses the best approach for clearing PT in the final days by using a combination of innovative approaches.

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