Philosophy Optional (2022-23 Demo)

This course contains the lectures that build a solid foundation for preparing Philosophy Optional. Just click on the button below and sign up / log in using the form that opens up. After that, you can log in using your credentials from : App/iOS App. Go to the 'My Courses' section and you will find this course. The link for the apps are available on the landing page of and will also be emailed to you immediately after you sign up for this course.

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Language: English

Instructors: Mitra Sir

Max Viewing Hours: 16 Hours


Course Curriculum

1. Foundation & BPF (Big Picture Formation)
Orientation (108:00)
Foundation Class-1 (105:00)
FC - 2 and Western BPF (102:00)
FC - 3 and Indian BPF (111:00)
2. Indian Philosophy : Jainism (Complete)
Recap and Jainism 1 (108:00)
Jainism 2 (98:00)
Jainism 3 (111:00)
Jainism 4 and PYQs (106:00)