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Ever since GS- IV i.e. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude has been introduced we have taken lead and mentored more than 10,000 students all over India in these years. We are providing academic support through guest lectures & content back-up to leading institutes of India. Consequently, we have more than 100 results to our credit including several top 100 ranks. Utmost Emphasis at Mitra's IAS is on :

Empowering candidates with right approach

In this paper, “approach” for dealing with this paper holds the key. What does it mean? In fact, our life is mainly governed by the choice which we make in our lives knowingly or unknowingly. One of the contemporary thinkers says “ Man is condemned to be free/to make choice.” Once we make then it is subjected to critical evaluation i.e. whether it is right or wrong.But the issue is “ How to make the Right/Ethical choice ?” This is where our emphasis on approach helps you.

Philosophical Orientation and approach

Ethics, one of the branches of philosophy, is value oriented discipline. Hence, all our answers should be value-laden. Having experience of 10 years of teaching philosophy to IAS aspirants we have developed a unique style in infusing philosophical orientation while teaching ethics paper.

Discussion of more than 100 case studies

Case studies cover more than 50% of total marks of ethics. Hence, we give utmost importance to their discussion. We discuss case studies through the prism of philosophy, psychology & governance so that aspirants get a holistic viewpoint to tackle all kinds of case studies.


Courses on Ethics

01: Classes

A 30 days Program (Online / Offline) consisting of complete coverage of the syllabus, study material, previous years’ IAS mains exam Q. paper discussion, Live Answer Writing Sessions.

02: Test Series

A comprehensive package of 7 TESTS and LAWS (Live Answer Writing Sessions), online & offline, is designed to test the SKILLS and enhance capabilities required to perform in MAINS GS IV

03: Book

Written by Mitra Sir,this book supplemented by our ethics infographics, covers every nitty gritty of the syllabus of Ethics paper lucidly, giving you complete command on the nuances of every topic of the syllabus.